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#MASK4ALL Option 2: T-Shirt, Scissors, And A Paper Towel (2 Minutes)

Why we need #Masks4All, and how to make your own mask

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How To Make (And Clean!) A Homemade COVID-19 Mask #Masks4All

Option 2: T-Shirt, Scissors, And A Paper Towel (2 Minutes)


The science is clear (and now widely accepted) that wearing homemade masks will slow the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.

If you haven’t already, please read our thorough explanation of the science behind why we all need to wear masks in public.

Before Making Your Mask:

1. Please take 60 seconds to send a pre-written message to your government leaders asking for mandatory mask laws. Send the message Masks4all via text to 50409 (click to text), via this Twitter link, or via this Facebook link.

2. Help save lives and limit the spread of COVID-19 by sharing #Masks4All on social media!

3. Please remember that masks are not a replacement for other critically important things like staying home, frequently washing your hands with soap and water, and maintaining your distance from other people (6 feet / 2 meters).

4. Please donate professional masks (N95 and surgical masks) to hospitals. We are advocating for homemade masks.

What Homemade Mask Material Is Best?

Based on the data, we recommend using a combination of cotton material and a paper towel but any mask is much better than no mask. This DIY guide will show you many different ways to quickly make and clean a protective homemade mask.


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